Sunday, December 16, 2007

Supportive and Encouranging Training Environments

Bella, one of my supportive and encouraging training partners, she's always there.

Training in an unsupportive environment could be the death of any training program. The training environment consists of the actual location, your coaches, your training partners, and anything going on in your head. Self doubt and negative thoughts are bad news especially if you're going after a goal on any particular day.

Visualizing what you plan on doing helps get you motivated and sets you up for success. Even if you don't physically achieve the exact goal for the day, knowing that you can do it in your mind is just as important as the physical training.

"I can't" are words that should never be said, thought, written or focused on when training. Try visualizing the steps in your head the next time you go to train or the next time you test yourself. You'll be amazed.

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