Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hand Care 101

So you're a girl (or a guy) and you lift weights. Thank goodness! You might have one hang-up, your hands. No big deal, I understand this 100%, but no you can't use gloves. I know you think it's better for your hands to do so, but in reality the use of gloves can get in the way, as well as alter the way the weight feels in your hands.

Here's some simple steps of taking care of your hands. Some I've learned from others, some I've picked up on my own, either way it seems to work really well if you keep up with it.

I use a really fine grade pummice stone about once a week, either about five minutes after getting out of a warm shower or after doing the dishes. Dry off your hands, and gently slide the pummice stone over the calluses.

In between using the pummice stone, maybe 2-3 times a week, I use a moderately coarse nail file on dry hands.

During the day, I use plenty of the infamous Corn Huskers Lotion, since it isn't greasy. At night I use a gernerous amount of cocoa butter on my hands right before I go to bed.

It's all pretty simple, and if you keep up with it, your calluses won't get too big, too hard, or rip in the middle of a set of kettlebell snatches.


Erica said...

yay!!! the beauty blog.

I've been taking your advice and it's already helping.

Jen's Gym Of Potomac Crossfit said...

"My hands may be rough but I look better than you naked!"

This will be my new T-shirt!

Pamela MacElree said...

You have to send me one of those!

Vypergirl said...

Hi! I found your blog through loquita - she sent me the link to the hand care post. I think it is awesome that you have your own gym! I do Crossfit at Crossfit BWI. I just tore my hands up again!! :) Maybe while I am on vacation they will heal some!! Thanks for the tips though!!

Oh, and I want one of those T-shirts, too!!!