Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Train Like A Girl

I can't remember the last time I rolled with another girl, I've been a part of The Boys Club in jiu-jitsu for more than six months. It's just the way it is right now, I can only hope it makes me a better athlete.

Sure, I'd like to train with other girls, preferably my own size, but it isn't going to happen, we're few and far between. Which leads me to why I'm so persistant on training well and doing my best...I won't settle for anything less. To me getting beat is getting beat, plain and simple. It doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl, what matters is I finish, that I prove I can do it, that when I walk away I know I gave it my all.

I still run in to the typical dude that thinks because he's a dude, he's automatically better than me. If I had my way, I'd tell you to 'F' off. I probably won't train with you more than once anyway, unless I feel I should remind you that I should be considered a peer and not the person who should be making you dinner.

The reality is, it's still a man's world, at least in the sports world. It challenges me everyday, and I'll never give up.


Pete said...


You are one tough person; i couldn't imagine someone thinking they are "better" simply because they are a male.

Law enforcement would be much better if they had more women like you in it. Unfortunately we have some officers, (both male and female) that don't see the need to train anywhere near as hard as you do. Then again, you would also find some kindred spirits. I enjoy sending my recruits to view your blog as an example of a warrior spirit.

Michael said...

I'll make you dinner anytime, Pam. You just need to swing up to NYC!

Email me if you do: mike@crossfitnyc.com

Pamela MacElree said...

Thanks Pete, I just come accross a few bad seeds every once and awhile. I'll post some heavy lifting this week for your crew.

Hey Michael, I appreciate the offer. How's CFNYC?

Potomac Crossfit said...

Good stuff Pam. I feel ya on this one. I find I'm either working out alone or working out with all guys.

On the coaching side of it I sometimes run into guys who don't like to be coached by a women. It's strange I can sense there issues with me telling them to correct something before anything is even said.
I wonder why it's such an issue to be coached by a women...I know I rather enjoy it! LOL

redcat said...

Wow. I just tripped across your site. I'm a female karate student; in my school we also do some jitz stuff on occasion. I've never fought or rolled with another girl. It is indeed a guy's world but heck, that just means shorter lines to the women's room at break time. You go, girl!

Pete said...

Looking forward to it Pam!