Thursday, October 09, 2008

Self Evaluation

It is easy for us to forget about the small things we do on a daily basis. Not only that, but there are two ways that this can effect us. For one, forgetting about the handfull of M&Ms you ate at the receptionist desk, and the half a cookie you ate with your afternoon coffee, can negatively effect your training/weight loss goals. The second is forgetting that you take the stairs 8 flights each morning, afternoon and evening, or that you walk to work rather than drive.

My point is this, you might not drop those last 5lbs if you keep forgetting about the M&Ms and the cookie, and you might not realize the actual difference of taking the stairs or walking on a daily basis in addition to your regular workout routine but both add up.

The best thing to do is to keep a journal of your nutrition and daily activities. If you write down everything and don't end up with selective memory, you might notice a pattern, or realize you snack poorly far more often than you ever remember.

This isn't a task you need to complete for the rest of your life, unless you really want to, but it is a great task to do for about 6-8 weeks every 3-4 months. Get yourself in check, and if you notice you might be slacking again in a few months, simply start keeping the journal again. There's nothing like stepping back and taking a look at the whole picture.


BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Handful of M & M's... ouch...

Why did you have to go there? Sometimes my selective memory is what keeps me sane???

BlessedBy3JDCs said...

I forgot to add... I've journaled today what I ate and my work out on my blog. I wasn't sure if we supposed to keep tabs on progress for your challenge here in the comments????? Thanks

Pamela MacElree said...

I think I'm missing a link. I can't find your blog that talks about your nutrition and working out.

You don't have to post here daily, just every couple of days.

Thanks again for checking in, selective memory helps/hurts us all, it can't always be ignored.

mike laff said...

Well said Pam... Instead of focusing all the time on "lose the last 5 pounds" I have begun a mantra of "make good decisions". When I approach it in this light I have been having success. I want to have beer while watching the Phils, but the better decision is to have water or Crystal Light. It is not a vote against beer, but rather a good decision to do something else.

BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Oops.. here's my blog... I wonder why it wasn't on my profile maybe???

Thanks so much.

Pamela MacElree said...

Mike, thanks for posting that, it's so true. Making better decisions, we all can do this somewhere along the way.

Angela, finally got to your blog, looks good, I'll check up on you there as well.

Another positive note, Erica just sent me a great email with the status of her challenge. I'm very excited about the things she said, but I'll let her fill you in!