Thursday, October 02, 2008

Extra Incentive

To help keep you on track with the goals I challenged you to a few days ago, I've decided to give away some free training material the person who meets their stated goals within the next six weeks.

You still have a chance to join in on the challenge. All you have to do is post your goals on the blog as well as your progress. It's pretty simple, and I guarantee that by checking in you'll reach your goals even sooner.

The person who meets their goals and keeps us update through the blog will recieve a copy of 'The Redeemer - The bodyweight workout guide' as well as a copy of my brand new conditioning DVD. No charge to you, just keep posting your progress on the blog.

Looking forward to hearing about the challenges you've chosen.


keith said...

Well my goals over the next six weeks;
1.OH Squat my body weight (160 lbs)
2. Do a Turkish Get-Up with a 60lb kb (the heaviest one we have at my gym)

mario said...

I am 50 years old and living in switzerland. 3 years ago I began training with kettlebells. Now the 16 kg Kb is my working Kb. A few days ago I received two 20 kg Kettlebells. My goal for the next 6 weeks: Do five turkish get-ups each side with the 20kg Kb.
My method: Working step by step upwards from the floor and downwards from standing.
Todays step: Floor press and backward OH lunge.
Left side is weeker than the right one. There will be perhaps more steps between on the left side.
I am looking forward with joy.
The get-up is a wonderful picture for victory!!!

Pamela MacElree said...

Keith & Mario

Great goals, thank you for sharing them!

The TGU is common between the both of you, so please let me know if you need assistance with it.

Keith, What is your current OHS weight?

keith said...

Hey Pamela,
I can get three TGU's with a 40lb KB at the moment, My best OHS was 2 reps with 105lbs, this move is pretty new to me, any tips

Pamela MacElree said...

Once you can get a few arts of 5 TGUs with the 40 I would try the next bell size. To help with tha transition you can always break the tgu up into segments. Work on the get up sit up as well as overhead reverse lunges with the heavier weight to get more comfortable with it.

As for the ohs make sure your form is good and ease in to increasing the weight. Again once you can do 5 to 8 comfortably slowly add weight to the bar.

keith said...

Thanks Pamela,

Heres my WO today.

1.OHS 45x2,55x2,65x2,75x1,85x1,95x1
2.Diagonal KB Snatch 40lbs x 5,4,4,3
3. Alternate KB Swings 60lbs x 10,10
4a.Reverse Woodchoppers 50lbs 3sets 5
b.SB Crunch (20lb KB behind head) 3 sets 5
5.KB Snatch 60lbs 3 sets 2 reps
6.TGU 50lb KB 1 rep each side