Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For as long as I've known about New Year's, I've known that you're supposed to make a New Year's resolution. A new start, to a new year, to a better you. It's often a resolution to quit something...smoking, eating too much, cursing, you name it...if it's bad for you someone along the way has decided to give it up for the New Year. The other majority of promises have to do with increasing one's health, the biggest is to start working out or going to the gym.

With everything bad that we're quitting and all the new and healthy things we've added to our lifestyle, well we should be some of the healthiest and most fit folks ever. We might even be...at least for a month. Then before we've even become accustom to our new lifestyle, temptation grabs hold and quickly steers most of us back to our previous and somewhat undesirable way of life.

It's clear that my thoughts about the New Year's Resolution aren't all that high. However, it has helped some of us, and perhaps this year it will effect a few more. My question is, well two-fold I guess...

If you're going to attempt to make such profound changes in your life, why not stick with it a little longer to actually see the benefit and results that will encourage you to stick with it longer? And, secondly, why use the New Year as your crutch?

Committ to a change and stick with it, whether it's tomorrow night or in the middle of March, follow through with what you commit yourself to, and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

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