Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Lil Fun on The Wall

Indoor rock climbing has really become one of those activities that a lot of people are really into lately. And I am guilty as charged. Apparently I missed the boat a few years back and just jumped on now.

That being siad I've only been a few times, but as always, found a way to make it a little more interesting, not that it isn't already...

I went again tonight, straight for the same climb that gave me a tough time the last time, got a little further though tonight. After spending a good two hours trying various climbs (I still haven't figured out all the terminology) I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. My poor climbing partner has no idea how crazy I really am.

1. Climb to the top without allowing my right foot to step on any holds, just the wall.

2. Climb to the top without allowing my left hand to use any of the holds, just flat on the wall.

3. Speed Climb (if you'll call it that) as many climbs to the top as you can in five minutes (while being safe of course).

Great times, if this is your thing give it a go, and let me know how you do. It's slightly addicting.


Gregory K said...

Nice Pam!

I'm gonna steal those drills some time.

Try this:

5 minutes of steady climb
3 minutes rest
Repeat as desired

The steady climb has no pattern, just constant movement. Count your number of foot and hand moves for each each round and then beat it the next session.

Pamela MacElree said...

That sounds cool. Also seems to have a slight bit of cognitive training to it as well. Keeping count on some of the courses could proove to be difficult.


Sam L said...

I have never been but I want to! Did you go to "Go Vertical" near me?

Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Sam! I went out to Oaks, but plan to give Go Vertical a shot. That's where Greg goes. I'll let you know the next time if you want.