Monday, March 23, 2009

Respect For Your Body

I am about to feel a little bad about what I am going to write, but I believe it's necessary.

I was stopped at a traffic light this morning and watched an attractive but very large woman stand over a trash can stuffing food in her mouth.

I thought to myself that I had no idea what this woman's worries were, I have no idea what thoughts drive her, and I have no idea what pain she faces each day, but I do know that if she respected her body a little bit more, at least in terms of what she ate and where she ate, she might even enjoy the taste of that pastry she was so furiously consuming.

It's far beyond me to dictate what people do with their lives, perhaps some people don't even care, but when you are struck with the choice of making a decision that could greatly increase the quality of your life, I would assume that most of us would want to choose that.

It's not just what foods you decide to consume, it's also about including activity in your life, recovery time, proper sleep, and mental awareness of the whole picture.

It all goes back to good in gets good out, but bad in gets bad out. I constantly return to this quote I once read, "Nothing tastes as good as lean and fit feels."

I'm not sure about you, but I'd like to be an active and healthy person for as long as possible.

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