Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Odd Object(ive)s

It's funny to me that you can practice a movement with one object, say a barbell or kettlebell and be at best average with them. However when you pick up an odd object, such as a 75lb keg, you find your weakness and work through it.

I admit being hesitant to the 75lbs keg snatch, but then I just did it, and 'it' was easy. To the point where I wish I had participated more. It's rare now that I get to experience a hands-on workshop from the users point of view. Although this past weekend I wasn't the user persay, but I was able to try out a few things that Zach had brought to the table.

This is an easier week for me, light on the lifts, easy on the conditioning, and about 65% on the jiu-jitsu. Back to the straight and narrow starting Monday morning regardless of how I feel. The Challenge is 6 weeks out, and the BJJ tournament is 10 weeks out. Time to get cracking hard!

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