Thursday, April 24, 2008

Words of Wisdom

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo da Vinci

Some I suppose would expect such words from the man who painted the Mona Lisa, orchestrating extreme sophistication from utter simplicity. Truly, such a simple piece of artwork holds the eyes of so many who gather to see it, I know it was one piece of artwork on my list to see when visiting the Louvre.

While it was not a simplistic approach to study anatomy for the purpose of art, da Vinci studied the human body in as much detail as he was allowed in order to create such masterpieces.

It holds truth, truth that I believe.

Centuries later, Audrey Hepburn is often photographed in a black dress, hair up, and jewels, it doesn't get much more simplistic or sophisticated than that. An icon of beauty without frill, fab, or frolic.

I do not own Gucci sunglasses, I do not own a Prada handbag, I do not own Seven jeans, and I do not drive a foreign sports car.

Simple does not mean boring, simple does not mean dull or less exciting, but rather an exquisite way to make a statement that will last in the minds of many.

So, I guess to tie this into training, it seems as though the simple methods are more effective than the elaborate and complicated. I find truth and effectiveness in kettlebell training or functional training rather than the advanced, high dollar systems that teach us balance and coordination which we can learn simply by practice.

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