Monday, August 11, 2008

"Stacking Fitness on Dysfunction"

That sounds like the worst idea possible, however after this past weekend, it seems as though many of us, myself included, are doing it on a regular basis. We either know we are doing it, or haven't got a clue.

I know that I personally am working around some injuries. In fact I gut through it almost daily, grimace with some pain, and complete my workout. I rationalize it as not having the time to take off and get healthy again. Tournaments are coming up in two months, among some other competitive events in the months to follow, so how can I possibly take time off to heal and still be ready? In my mind I can't, but duh, I can do other things, and take a week or two to address the issues I'm having and come back stronger and more powerful than before.

All of these revelations came about after the CK-FMS this weekend and some small talk about Z Health. After discussing my extreme disappointment with my low scores on the FMS due to pain, I was posed with the following thought...

'You're already strong and well conditioned, imagine what you could do if you took the time to fix yourself.'

I imagined that thought for just a split second, and holy shit! Talk about eye opening. The fact that one of my most nagging injuries is already less bothersome, is truly the best thing that came out of this past weekend. I'm not planning too far in advance, just incase I have to take a detour, but as of right now, I am ready to see what's on the other side of the brick wall.


4 Ranges, RKC said...


It was great to see you and Jason again this weekend.

And yes, that quote is absolutely right. I really believe that, at a certain level, an athlete has to start approaching their training for a corrective perspective.

I personally like to call it "optimizing."

In BJJ, the first two belts is all about create a baseline understanding of all the techniques, then you spend the rest of your life tweaking and tweaking that game.

You're FAR beyond the level of baseline fitness - tweaking and optimizing is where its at now. :)


Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Rolando! Likewise.

You are right on target! I'm very much looking forward to the tweaking and optimizing.