Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's All This Talk...

Everyone has an opinion but no one cares to listen. I doubt I'm the only person who has ever been asked a question, and upon giving the reply, get this hazy look of confusion or the gear-grinding look of a statement that's about to be started with the word, 'but.'

Listening has become a long lost art that few can master and even fewer understand the importance of. So what seems to be the issue? Perhaps we've become so accustomed to hearing ourselves talk that we have no room for what others have to say. If that's the case why do people still ask questions? As with everything, there needs to be some give and take. If you've ignored the words of others for no other reason than liking to hear yourself speak, then why should we jump to answer your question, certainly not because it's 'our time' to talk.

Listening should be thought of as a virtue as well as a learning experience. I may not acquire textbook knowledge from listening to someone speak in a casual conversation but I've learned a little about their thoughts and ideas, I've become better acquainted with the things that drive them, the person they are, the things they wish to achieve, and what they believe in. I can't do that if I'm talking all the time.

In my profession if I haven't listened to you than I won't be able to help you achieve your goals, you might achieve the goals I have for you, but I'm sure the ones that are more important are the goals youv'e set for yourself. And if I listen to what you have to say perhaps the height of your goals will become even higher because we'll work togehter to set them and then achieve them.

Thoughts occur naturally, sometimes more often in some of us, but if we aren't encouraged to share them and in turn have someone listen to them, how do we manage to turn our thoughts into conversations if only person is always doing the talking?

Have you started to listen yet?


Boris said...

Huh? ;)

Well said!

btw, I was listening when you posted to the marketing thread and appreciated the response - I decided to extricate myself from the thread.

Pamela MacElree said...

Yeah, I stopped after a few posts on that one as well. It's tough with business and fitness stuff. Too many people think you should give away all the information you've learned and studied and paid for, just because it isn't about reps and sets doesn't mean it didn't require learning.

Pete said...

I heard this and thought it appropriate....

God gave us TWO ears and ONE mouth and the ability to shut one. Yes, even through design, we should be better listeners!