Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In case you haven't gathered I'm still fired up about the Fat Acceptance Movement.

At the bottom of this post you'll find another link, the one that Erica referenced, about the Fat Acceptance Movement.

I still shake my head in disbelief.

I give credit and respect to people who fight for what they believe in, but this is just one of those things, I can't.

With all the research and studies that have been conducted on obesity and the effects of obesity, you would think this movement would create an encouraging environment for people to want to become more healthy without having to face the thoughts of mainstream society.

Yet, this movement has created a belief that it's just fine to be obese, that it's just fine to condemn your body. I've seen quite a few people lose a significant amount of weight in my career. I met them at the beginning, or at their sticking point, I know them now, as they have made a choice and committment to leading a healthy lifestyle and have proof to show the world.

Not a single one of them has told me they prefer they way they used to live their life.

They all have stories, stories of unsupportive friends and family members, stories of success, and stories of how they just feel better.

None of them are willing to trade how they felt before, for how they feel today.

Here's the article that Erica mentioned.


kristascottdixon said...

Don't even get me started about this. The part that drives me apeshit is the ones that say that all the science is wrong and it's a medical conspiracy. Yet they are incredibly ignorant about what the science ACTUALLY says. I doubt many of them could even describe the basic anatomy of adipose tissue. I've taken to asking them which journals they follow and what their thoughts on inflammatory cytokine signaling are.

Pamela MacElree said...

I know. I'm beyond curious as to what the medical practioners reasoning is behind supporting this lifestyle. Nothing I've read, been taught, researched, studied, etc has supported this.