Monday, June 15, 2009

I am NOT ok with this.

To what each do with our own bodies is purely up to each and everyone of us.

This movement, The Fat Acceptance Movement, is something that I cannot support.

Watch this video clip on the Fat Acceptance Movement.

Healthy overweight women (excuse me fat women, and that's the term they are using) are creating a movement to tell the world that they are ok with being fat, that they are happier, and healthier than they ever were at lighter weights.

The interview on Good Morning America goes on to tell us that the women they interviewed are working closely with the physicians to make sure they don't have any side effects tradiditionally associated with being overeweight. They even mention that their physicians are ok with their decisions to support the Fat Acceptance Movement.

Here are my thoughts...

1. Being obese (or fat as these women admit) is not healthy. They may not have any health problems now but in 5 or 10 years they most certainly will, reserach proves this.

2. The story mentions that yo-yo diets are harmful to our health as well, which is true, but why not adapt a healthy style of living? Eat fruits and vegetables, very few grains, and lean proteins. Exercise consistently, even if it only starts with walking. Giving in to temptations whenever you want and avoiding physical activity is not healthy.

3. One woman says she's healthier now than when she was 100 lbs lighter, I think she might have felt unhealthy at the lighter weight because she still wasn't eating properly. There's a huge difference to eating well and restricitng what you eat. Deprivation and dieting typically isn't successful. Committing to a healthy lifestyle is.

4. I think too skinny is also not healthy. I think people who are of average weight who don't eat well and don't exercise, but are just blessed with a decent metabolism and good genetics, is also not healthy. Just as I think being obese is not healthy.

5. Curves are good, shape is good, strength is good.

I do not believe these women are as happy as they say they are. I cannot believe their physicians support their position. Obesity is on a rise, it's effecting our youth, it's a leading cause of death, it's becoming an epidemic.


Sara Nylander said...

I do not know anyone who would argue that feeling confident in your body is a great thing, but these young women are ignoring the reality that they are creating for their future.

Healthy does not have to mean size 2, but I don't see how it's possible for any woman who eats Wonderbread, is inactive and weighs more than 300lbs to truly be healthy. And I think it's a travesty that there are doctors who would say that it is.

How will they feel when they are ready to have children and find it is more difficult to become pregnant & maintain that pregnancy? Or if they are denied a medical procedure because they are too high risk to be placed under anesthesia?

I hope these women do not come to regret their decisions later in life when they are dealing with the consequences of it.

Pamela MacElree said...

Those are some excellent points Sara! The ongoing risks that they will be exposing themselves to or setting themselves up for are just far too great in the future to not have even a slight concern for it today.

Erica said...

I have known people who were actively involved in this way of thinking, or this movement, and then decided to become healthy on their own terms. Eating right and working out, which meant dropping weight. And they lost friends who thought they were "selling out." I think I have a really interesting article about that if you want to read it.

kat mcguire said...

I'm not ok with this either. I work in healthcare (an ICU nurse to be exact). Some things I've noticed over the past 10 years.....
1. Less equipment available to obese people (CT scanners just aren't being built to accommodate. Neither are ambulances, stretchers, MRI machines, hospital beds, wheelchairs, commodes etc). They are making more now but I am sure it will be reflected in insurance costs.HUGE
2. Obese people don't live long ...... don't quote me but I haven't seen many 350+ people making it past 75. How many morbidly obese people do you see with grey hair? (I've seen smokers live longer)
3. Many more complications from any health care intervention. Which there will be many . (angiograms, knee surgeries, if they can find a doc to do it, any anesthetic, wound healing, not to mention chronic illnesses like diabetes)
4. Cost of overtime due to staff injuries. Something as simple as a bed bath can take 3-4 people at times, and that's with mechanical assistance (overbed lifts).
As long as this insanity is accepted and promoted we are going to see some astronomical costs related to lack of accountability ( government and corporations included)
Just a bit of reality I've noticed.