Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Bother With Strong?

I've done some farily impressive things in my life, well at least they're impressive to me. The one thing I find the most humor in though is the constant question I get in regard to my strength.

People always ask how I got so strong, or they look at me in disbelief until I prove them wrong. It's really quite humorous to me that this is one of the top things that intriques people so much.

So here's how it happened...(and you can do it too)

I've played sports since 6th grade.

I've always been competitive.

I seriously got into working out and strength training about 6 years ago.

I started with traditional weight lifting.

I transitioned into non traditional weight lifting, kettlebell training, underground training, etc.

I kept at it, I increased weight when it felt too easy, I pushed myself, I challenged myself.

Like most things it wasn't easy. In fact at times I found it to be quite discouraging. Then I'd have a great PR, so I pressed on.

I continue to challenge myself, I try new lifts and heavier weights just because. It sets me apart a little bit. It's about dedication. It's about following a plan. It's about success...work at the plan, if the plan doesn't work, re-work the plan.

Train hard. Lift heavy. Challenge yourself. Because You Can.


mike laff said...

So true Pam... plus I think it is just plain fun to try something new. I was snatching dumbells the otherday at about 40#. For fun I started gradually going up and hit 55# out of nowhere. Obviously there were fewer reps but without trying I would not have guessed it would be as easy as it was. I also got some odd looks at the pool while one hand pressing my 40# 4 year old in the water.

Pamela MacElree said...

Nice work Laff. You just have to keep working at it. I'm sure your 40# four year loved it, and the others were just confused.