Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are You Being Lazy?

Yep, I said it. Sometimes there's a fine line, and to be honest, you should probably get rid of the excuses and get some work done.

What are some obstacles?

Time, Money, You're not sure what to do, Lack of Equipment

Ok, right there we have enough excuses to cover all the other ones. Let's start marking them off the list.

Time. Everyone has enough time to train. This is by far an accurate statement. The days of spending 90-120 minutes at the gym are over. We're looking at fast and efficient, full body, 30 minute workouts. Everyone has 30 minutes a few times a week.

Money. This is a simple too. Not enough money to train with someone all the time, work with someone 1-2 times, have them write a program for you and follow it. Visit them again in 4-6 weeks, get a new program. Now all you need is discipline.

Not sure what to do? Same as above, work with a professional 1-2 times, have them write the program that you'll follow.

Lack of equipment. This is one of the worst excuses next to time. There are 100s of bodyweight exercises available to you. Just the other day I did 10 different push up variations and I know there are a whole lot more! Lack of or no equipment should not be an issue.

I didn't include discipline in the first list but since it came up. Just be disciplined. Anyone can do anything for a set period of time. Give yourself a 4 week goal, that's one month. By the time you reach a month you'll be used to the schedule of working out, and you won't want to give it up.

Turn the TV off, commit to a plan, and see results.

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