Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kettlebell Training on the Beach

I find myself kettlebell training even when I'm the road. Then again that's pretty easy to do when you've established friendships in most the cities you visit on a regular basis.

This past weekend I met up with my friends Ryan, Wil, and Megan out in Hermosa Beach, CA for a nice little kettlebell workout on the beach. (Well we were actually there for the Perform Better Summitt.) Nothing too fancy. This video is more or less the warm-up. The actual workout was a partner workout with a combination of kettlebell snatches in a descending ladder and various animal crawls. The kettlebells we had access to were a little on the light side, so this workout was mostly just to get us moving after being on a plane for 5-6 hours.

It's always great to throw in a little fun time when you're away for work.

Had a blast guys, thanks!

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