Sunday, October 07, 2007

BJJ Competition Videos

First match was won by one advantage against the blue belt. This was interesting, we spent half the match dancing after getting tapped in the forehead as an attempted distraction. She was determined.

Second match was lost by two points. I looked at the scoreboard with less than a minute left in the match and actually thought I was up on points so I just held out, but I should have fought a little harder at the end. It also looks like two points were awarded to green when they should have been awarded to red, me. I hate that arm triangle choke.

It was a long day, we went up early in the morning to watch the kid's and teen's matches. I found out when I got there that they had not only paired the Women's white and blue belts together, but that all the Women's belts were fighting together.

After the kids/teens we waited a good 8 hours or more before any of the adult BJJ matches started. Stepped outside for about an hour and did a kettlebell workout on the sidewalk to kill some time, get the heart rate up, and get the jitters out. I didn't compete until after 8:30 at night, so I was getting sleepy and low on energy from eating nothing but protein bars and trail mix all day. Last year I was nervous before my match, this year I felt great. I was pretty pleased with the effort I put forth in my first two matches. I think I could have performed a little better on the third match.

Five weeks until the next tournament.


Mara Humphreys said...

We are so proud of you!

Thanks for all your support and thank you for cheering Beau on this Saturday.

and Peter

Pamela MacElree said...

Thanks Humphreys!!

We're really glad to have your family as part of our community. Bella sends her kisses to the kids!

Mark Reifkind said...

hey you rock pamela! thanks for putting up the videos. the hurry up and wait schedule thing sounds suprisingly like powerlifting competition where you show up at 8am squat at 12, bench at 3 and deadlift at 7. too long.competition is a necessity but training is so much more fun.