Friday, January 11, 2008

Assisted Muscle Up Variations

I'm debating which of these two assisted muscle up variations has the most benefit to actually doing a muscle up. I've noticed that while jumping into a muscle up I find myself much lower in the bottom of the dip when compared to the box assisted muscle ups.

The box assisted muscle up forces you to use pulling strength while minimally relying on the legs, teaching the movement to your muscles. The dip is still effective. It seems to be easier to control how tight the rings stay to the body in this version as well.

The jumping muscle up seems to have a stronger benefit in getting through the transitition faster and teaching you to almost dive over the rings and get away from just pulling yourself up as you would in a pull up. The dip is very effective. It seems to be a little harder to control the rings and keeping them tight in this version.

I do question the validity of being able to perform 15 dips and 15 pull ups prior to being able to do a muscle up.


Jen said...

Pamela, for me it was always the dip that got me! I was just stuck there.
I've never been able to do 15 ring dips or pull ups. Jerry had me doing dips with a 3 second hold in the bottom to build up that movement.

My two cents would be to use the assistance that makes you work your biggest weakness.

For me the transition was a cake walk compared to the dip. So using the box help me.
I never did get passed doing two MU's in a row. With that being said I would think that being able to do more ring dips and ring pull-ups would be helpful.
Maybe I'm over simplifying but just use both as a build up to your first.
Also, I used the jumping MU over and over and made the rings higher and higher so that I was finally in full extension and doing the full pull with just a little pump at the bottom.

One last thought. Don't over think it when you do try the full MU. Just be walking passed the rings and give it a go. The more I set myself up the worse it got.

Pamela MacElree said...

Nice Jen, thanks!

I think that static hold idea too. I certainly think that I am overthinking the whole thing.

I appreciate the words! Hope your recovery is going well.

Taeke said...

Hi Pam,

I don’t think that it is at all necessary to be able to do 15 dip or 15 chins. More important is to learn to pull fast and aggressively so you fly past the sticking point. Weighted pull-ups and any kind of ballistic pull up will help with this. Doing Muscle Ups with your feet on a block will carry well over to the L kip. The big advantage of the L kip is that it can be done on low rings. With the L kip you basically hang in an L and let the legs drop when you pull. The dropping of the legs will create the momentum that will help you get through the sticking point. This guy does a great example of the L kip.

Good luck and remember to stretch the abs after the L kip.

Greetings Tex