Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I just re-read my training goals from five months ago. I still have the same goals on my mind, but I forgot about one key component, the timeline. I know that everything I want to just that...doable, but I never gave myself a time frame for completing those goals, so I never had an urgency to accomplish them.

So before a whole five more months go by without marking off a single goal on my list, I'll be setting the time frame.

Referring back to the list from early September...
Single arm press 32kg... I have 22kg right now.
KB Snatch 24kg for 40/40 reps... I have 22/22 right now.
Ring Muscle Up... I have assisted ones now.
24kg Weighted Pull Up... I have 10kgs now.
40kg KB Snatch... I have 36kgs now.

I don't want to focus on just one goal at a time because then I will neglect other movements and other important aspects of my training. I don't want to set an arbitrary date because it isn't practical.

I'll train the heavy snatch, the press, and the weighted pull up with ladders. I'll train the muscle up through repitition of the movement. I'll train the 40/40 reps with descending ladders and adding reps weakly.

So, I still need the timeline.

Single arm press 32kg... by the end of May.

KB Snatch 24kg for 40/40 reps... by the end of March.

Ring Muscle Up... by the end of March.

24kg Weighted Pull Up... by the end of April.

40kg KB Snatch... by the end of April.

Keep me honest.


Mark Reifkind said...

cool you will get those no problem. goals and deadlines; the key to any succesful training program.

Pamela MacElree said...

Thanks Rif! I completely agree with you.

Howie Brewer said...

Hi Pamela, I'm looking forward to reading about your progression toward hitting those targets. Stay strong!

Nikki said...

How did these go? We want updates!