Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strength Trainining In General

I'm working on a project to determine the importance of strength training to women. I'm speaking with women that I know, and even ones I don't to see what reasons they have for strength training, the importance to them, and also why they choose to ignore the stereotype of strength training for women = big and bulky.

To be honest, I don't think women should train any differently then men. I don't think we should do different movements, and I don't think we should have different types of goals. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about body building, I'm talking about strength training. Some people are going to tell me that I'm full of shit and there's no way a girl can lift as much as a guy. Some people are going to tell me that all things being equal that girl should be able to lift as much as the guy next to her. I'm saying there's no reason why a girl can't lift heavy, maybe as much as the guy next to her, maybe not, but all in all heavy, and still be a girl.

I'm not ignoring anatomy or physiology for that matter, they both play an important role and sometimes influence performance. However, if we look at the entire picture, I still think the girl next door can compete with the guy accross the street.

A good strength training program that is carried out properly will have increases occur on all trained lifts. That's the part that needs to be focused on. If you have a goal, then you need a plan to make that goal. It can't be arbitrary.


Pete said...

Excellent article, Pam. I am forwarding a copy of this to my female recruits. You are a perfect example that strong women do not have to reflect a negative stereotype.

Pamela MacElree said...

Thanks Pete! Please feel free to forward along to anyone you like.

I hope all is well!

Pete said...

Things are busy (but good). I am also trainign recruits at a community college academy! Unfortunately, I had a back injury recently that knocked me off of training for the past week and I am slowly recovering. Getting antsy, but don't want to start back too soon, and reinjure my back.

Hope all is well with you- the BB lunge/jerk combo looks intense!

Fran said...

I'd love to help with your project. I'm a female CrossFit trainer (CrossFit Seattle), recently attended a barbell-training cert by Mark Rippetoe, and love lifting. I want to get women interested in barbell workouts and introduce them to it. Would you tell me more about your project? Thanks! -Fran

fran at crossfitseattle dotcom and