Wednesday, February 06, 2008

To Start A New

I love how I'm talking like I've taken 10 weeks off from injury! The fact is when I injured my back over 2 years ago during the DL at the TSC (the first event) I still did the last two events, one of which was Kettlebell Snatches with the 16kg for 5 minutes with 130 reps. Point being, and it might not have been the smartest idea ever, but I kept at it. I took a few days off afterwards and worked through the pain. The orthopeadics didn't help any or offer any sound advice, so I did what I could. Two years later, I'm pretty much back to normal, mostly with the assistance of my chiropractic friend, the only activities that bring back the pain, literally, are back extensions and running on hard surfaces.

Anyway, now, I'm not injured and I just took days off because something inside me tells me I should? My last week of workouts weren't solid, I felt weak, tired, less than motivated, but I forgot about the important part...that I could move. I wasn't injured, I was in a rut and just bailed. My reasons all ended up in my 'Poor Excuses' book because that's all they were, and now they'll always remind me.

My original plan was to ease back in to my program tomorrow afternoon, but I think the better option is to just dive right in, bright and early tomorrow morning, and workout with the group. This way I can't control the length of work/rest periods, someone else has to, and I just have to get through the movements properly.


Jen said...

Maybe you did "bail" as you said. Yet, maybe that time off kept you from getting hurt. Sometimes we do get in a rut. Which we have to find a safe way out of. Maybe your body was telling you to get your shit together before you injure yourself. Just a thought.

Pamela MacElree said...

That's probably a pretty accurate statement on the whole topic, and I'm glad I rested, although I was goinig buggy by the second day. I was mostly annoyed because I had recently just taken my series of off days, but as it turns out they weren't really enough. Thanks Jen!

By the way how are things coming along with the workshop project?