Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well Rounded Training

Yes, she's spoiled, and it's all my fault!

If you only work on improving one skill at a time, it's hard to expect that you will be able to maintain other skills.

For instance, I stopped pressing heavy because my shoulders started to bother me, in fact for about 4 months I did no presses, no snatches, no pull ups, no push ups, basically very little of anything that could cause stress. I focused on other movements. One day out of the blue I decided to start adding these movements back in, occassionally I have some discomfort but overall, I feel good. I can't press what I used to. But I'm working on it.

Same goes for everything else, if you take the WTH effect out of the picture, chances are, if you stop training a movement you won't see improvements in that movement at a later date. Let the frustration go because it's your fault you took the movement out of your training.

Everyone has their strong point, but unless competition is in the crystal ball, it's far better, in my opinion, to be well-rounded with good effort on several to many movements, than to be the best at one specific movement with not much else to offer.

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