Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Future...

The future of women athletes accross the board is growing at a fanatastic rate, or is it? My opinion is quite biased as we have a troup of about 6-8 girls training jiu-jitsu and judo right now. Seriously, these girls are going to grow up to kick some major ass (and no, I'm not going to edit that.)

I almost wish I new about jiu-jitsu when I was a kid, or sports in general for that matter. My parents weren't much about traveling for sports or forcing us to playthem...ever. Which in my opinion is good because I had no expectations, but I happened accross a sport I loved when I was a kid and teenager...swimming. Truly, really loved it. Had practice every day, drove hours to meets, swam my heart out, then had a traumatic experience and never went full force on it again. Too bad now, I was a great backstroker. Anyway, I'll be the first to say that I don't agree with early specialization, I think kids should be kids, but these girls have it together.

I watched their class the other day, they picked up on some skills that I still haven't mastered, and I've been training for over two years. In my opinion they are the future of this sport and probably others, but what matters most is that they have fun and that they want to come to class. They certainly aren't forced, in fact I think they quite have the upper hand on this sport right now, I'm really looking forward to their progress.

Tess and Mia, you two are awesome!

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