Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Training Motivation

We all could use a little training motivation. In fact if you train without goals or a training program it's sometimes difficult to have good training sessions.

I have training goals, I'm cutting weight for the next division for women's BJJ, but I need to keep my strength and I need to keep/improve my conditioning. I have a pretty stringent nutrition plan as well as workout plan.

Today I felt like I needed a change so I took one of our group workout sessions at the gym. The entire class was kicking some major ass, so I felt inspired by them to do the same myself. From here everyone's energy piled on top of the next person from lifting heavier weights to keeping a faster pace on the 600m runs. The atmosphere was awesome, and as usual most of the group hung out for an extra 10-15 minutes just because...

This is the type of environment I love to train in, not everyone does, but it motivates me when I need that extra step in my training, and motivating others is fun too!

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