Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 24kg is my friend, and yours too!

Believe it or not the very first time I ever picked up a kettlebell it was 24kg! No worries I didn't do much with it, maybe some deadlifts and a few low swings. Regardless, after that I was hooked! I had only done a few things with it, and it seemed like so much fun, until then working out was not fun.

I immeadiately bought an 8kg, and quickly found a the need for a 12kg and 16kg. The strength gains were amazing, the lean muscle gain was amazing, and working out was now amazing.

Advancing through the bells was, at times, difficult but I knew I could do more. I had crossed paths with multiple people who knew I could do more as well. I trusted that and I went with it. Working with the 24kg regularly has made me the strongest I have ever been and I am feeling great too.

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