Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strength and Conditioning for MMA

It's no secret that the sport of MMA has been unleashed, and the fans are popping up everywhere. Within the past few months women's MMA has gained popularity as well, and it seems like these girls are really working on their strength and conditioning. It might just seem like they are since we're only seeing one women's bout and multiple men's but regardless the display is noticeable. (Likewise for those who aren't incorporating any strength and conditioning.)

The benefits of having a good conditioning program that supplements any martial art training are two fold. Having the strength and stamina to out last your opponent is crucial. Think about it, if your skill level is identical to the person's you are fighting, or worse yet it's better, and you lose because you got tired, you could have (should have) done something about that.

Secondly, if you're already training a martial art you've more than likely seen your fitness level increase. Why not have your health and fitness levels increase even more by including a simple yet effective conditioning program?

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