Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sports and Fitness

If you play a sport does that automatically mean you are fit? Chances are, no. So, if you're fit can you play any sport? I'm sure you could play, but you might not be the best. Which is better? For some it's a toss up, for me it's clear. I'd rather be able to attempt to play multiple sports and not be the best at all of them but have the stamina to perform them, than be stuck with one sport forever and not be able to be even average at something else.

The short of it is addition to your sport specific training you also need to work on your general strength and conditioning. Not only will a good strength and conditioning program make you stronger, it will also make you a better athlete within your sport. The carry over to everyday fuunctional movement will also be of extreme benefit to you.

This is especially important for young athletes. Young athletes specialize in sport so early that they become good at one thing, and are sometimes even unable to perform other activities or sports. Young athletes whose sport is primarily lower body strength dominant may have very little if any upper body strength. A good strength and conditioning program would incorporate upper body strength into these young athletes training programs to make them a better balanced athlete.


Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Hey Pam, good to see you having fun!

Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Jen, Long time. How are things going? Yes, I made it to the shore twice this summer and once more in a week and a half!